Chapter 971

The bullets landed on the car door over her head, and the weight exerted downward pressure on her. Lilian clenched her jaw and hunched her back while her legs scurried. The Rolls Loyce pulled over, and Anthony came out of the car. He saw Lilian, who was not dead and not far away from him. He pulled out his gun, and aimed it at Lilian, then with a loud bang— "Ah!" Lilian was shot in the back, and blood spurted out. She rolled on the ground, and the car door dropped to the ground. Lilian then hid behind other destroyed cars. The helicopter hovered over. It would have to make a turn if it intended to shoot Lilian behind the car. However, the railing of the bridge was near. Lilian looked at the railing and thought that this was her only chance to live. She used all her might to run toward the railing. "Are you trying to run?" Anthony's gun was once again aimed at Lilian. Lilian used one hand to support herself on the railing and then hopped over. At the same time, the

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