Chapter 979

If both Bianca and Anne ran into trouble, Anne was certain that Anthony would help Bianca before her. "Mama!" The triplets ran into the office. Surprised, she asked, "Why are you three here?" "We are here to pick you up from work!" Chloe leaped toward Anne and wrapped her arms around Anne's leg. Charlie crawled onto the chair to wrap his arms around her neck instead while Chris held onto Anne's other leg. Instantly, she looked like a tree with three children growing on her. "Are you done with work, Mama?" Chloe tilted her head to the side. "Yes. Let's go home." Anne pinched Chloe gently on the cheek. "Mama, let's go outside to play!" Charlie batted his doe-like eyes. "Let's play, Mama!" Chris agreed. Anne checked the time, and since it was still too early for dinner, she agreed, "Sure." The four walked out to the streets, and Anne led the children across the road with her hand on Chloe; Chloe held Chris's hand while Chris held Charlie's. There was not much traffic on the ro

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