Chapter 992

Anne turned away and bit her lip wordlessly. Before long, she heard Anthony chuckling. She shot him a confused look and muttered, "Don't...don't laugh at me." "I'm not laughing." "You are." "Did you see it?" He teased. "I heard you..." Anne said. She was unsure as Anthony was never one to show emotions, so he rarely smiled at her. Anthony wiped her tears away; her face was hardly even the size of his palm and the realization struck him. "I didn't leave. I just went to get you food." Anne turned to look at the nightstand and spotted a bowl. If she guessed correctly, it was probably a bowl of soup. At noon, apart from desserts, she would always be made to drink beauty collagen drinks. "Any sugar in it?" She whispered. He grabbed the bowl and fed her a spoonful. "Try it." She accepted it and tasted a hint of sweetness. "They put sugar in it." "Really? Let me try." Anne had thought that he meant that he wanted to try the drink, and was shocked when he devoured her lips instead

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