Chapter 1 Trinity Stone

Colton Cruz...When my name rolls of your lips, it should be fear that consumes you. I did not become the best in the business by playing it straight. You will find me on the wrong side of the law and your go-to-man for almost anything. But what I do best is protect the Stone Crime Boss and his family. My next assignment, Trinity Stone, spoiled brat, and daughter to Vic and Alexa Stone. This is not what I do, I do not babysit, but little Miss 'I can do what I want has every single one of my men refusing to shadow her. She is a nightmare, and I am the one that has to put up with her. The last time I saw Trinity was over a year ago; I work for Vic and only Vic. You can imagine my frustration when the final one of my men came into my office a little less than a week ago to throw the towel in. She gave him the slip, and he had the full wrath of Vic come down on him. This is where I come in; if I cannot keep Trinity under control, I lose the contract. And then I might as well close my doors. So I find myself driving through the early morning traffic on a somewhat miserable and rainy day for my first day of babysitting duty. Jax has come along as he shall be looking after Alexa today. Ever since the recent turf war, Vic and his family have required constant protection. For so many times this morning, I grunt and moan for I would not even want to be seen dead with little Miss Princess in private. "The last time I saw this girl, she had braces and wore glasses bigger than my ass." "I have never seen her before, but coming from the boys, she is a classic brat." "I promise you if this woman gives me the slip, then I am tying her to a tree." "Hey, maybe you can have a little thing on the side since Amber so gracefully left you." "Gracefully? She left in the night while I was sleeping. She was too shit scared to look me in the eye and tell me she was banging the neighbor." "Still, classic man. And now you have Misses Muffet to keep you company." Just thinking of her sends shivers up my spine and belief me that they are not the good shivering kind. I love a beautiful woman both in my bed and to look at. To be surrounded by ugly for almost a full day is seriously going to put a damper on my ego. But time to push that thought to the side, for our location has just come up on the right. We slowly cruise up the driveway and park at the back of this very old-style white mansion. We are soon met by one of my men that stays on the property at the back. "Morning, boss, just thought I would come to give you the heads up. Little Princess is throwing a tantrum this morning." "What is new? The damn woman is a nightmare." "She does not want a tail, least of all you. She said you are an arrogant asshole." "Hahaha. That makes her..." Just then, we see Alexa appear in the doorway, waving us on to come inside. Here goes another damn session with tea and cake, and when I say cake, I mean the real doughy shit. So we casually make our way in, but as we step through the doorway, we can hear a woman scream at the top of her voice. It is more like the whining of an annoying bug. And listening to the pleas of the other man, we can safely establish that it is Vic. Alexa only but smiles as I walk past her. "Just excuse Trinity; she is not always like this." I nearly choke on my own breath...she is not always like this? It is like all the damn time. I have heard this girl have a hissy fit when I am in Vic's office on the other side of the house. We are slowly coming up to the kitchen; I start to brace myself for the horror is about to happen. And then, as we turn the corner... …TRINITY POV… It is a cold and miserable day; the rain has been coming down in a drizzle since six this morning. Today I am going to the salon, and for some stupid reason, I need a bodyguard. This is not my turf war; I do not want to have some big and buff brainless man following me around. I have given all the others the slip; this one will be just as easy. I go for what is the fifth dress now and pull it up from over my thighs. I wiggle my ass as Islip them over and tuck in my breasts. I give one last spin as I look into the tall mirror on the far side wall of my walk-in closet. I am pleased with what I see; let's see how Mr. Bodyguard can catch this from slipping away from him. But first, it is my father and me; I do not even see any of my friends because of these damn men following me around. And let us not even go to having a boyfriend; I cannot even remember when last I was with a man. So I make my way downstairs to where daddy dearest is having his coffee in the kitchen. "Daddy, please, can you just let me go out by myself." "No, Trinity, you shall go out with Colton." "Colton? What happened to the other guy?" "Please do not act stupid. You are running out of bodyguards. Can you stop trying to get away, these men are getting tired of your tantrums." "What tantrums? I don't have tantrums. I want to do what I want to do; I do not need a babysitter." "Trinity, you are getting one. End of story!" "Can I at least pick them? This one is probably an arrogant asshole." "No! You are getting Colton. If you don't like him, then you can stay at home." This Colton better be something special. And from what mom said, he is the very last of them. But not only that, apparently he is the best. Then all of a sudden, there are three men coming around the corner... …COLTON POV… Just as we turn the corner, there is a tall brunette in what could possibly be the tightest dress I have ever seen. But what strikes me the most is her long slender legs that are held up by deep blood red stilettos. Her long locks of hair fall like waterfalls over her shoulders. Just looking at those plump lips is enough to send me raging. I don't know who she is, but she is hot. Needless to say, I chuck my hands into my pockets, for I do require a bit of adjusting after seeing that. And to make things worse, I become a stuttering idiot. "Mor...Morning Mr. Stone." "Morning, Colton." Out of the corner of my eye, I can see her smiling. There is a warmth that shoots straight to my core. My knees give in, and every bone in my body becomes like jelly. "Colton, you remember Trinity." I spin on my heels and face this towering beauty. This is Trinity? What happened to the ugly girl with braces and glasses? This woman is gorgeous; she is definitely close to perfect. "Not quite like this, Mr. Stone." "Oh yes, you have not seen her for a while. Well, my little princess has grown a bit." "I...I can see that." "Now, Trinity, you do not give this man a hard time." With that, she leaves the kitchen to go get her purse; as she swifts past me, I can smell the sweet scents of jasmine and vanilla. I cannot but help to stare at that goddamn ass fora fraction too long. While Vic excuses himself to get something from the office, I stand closer to Jax and try to talk as soft as possible. "I would love to tie that to a bed, not a tree. When did she get so damn hot?" "Guess all the trips to the salon has paid off." "The guys said that she is a brat. They never told me how hot she is." "Wait until she throws a tantrum." "If she throws a tantrum, then I am pinning her to a wall." "Hahaha. I think Vic will pin something else for you." "This poses as a problem. She is making me hard just looking at her." Then all of a sudden, I hear the click-clack of her heels behind me. I truly hope that she has not listened to a single word that I have been saying. "Do you always creep up on people?" "Only when they are talking about me." "I was not talking about you, Miss Stone." "Please call me Trinity, and I know my ass just got you slightly uncomfortable." My face flushes a red, one shade darker than her deep cherry lipstick. But she does seem to be very pleased with herself as the most seductive smile starts to form in the corners of her lips. Those velvety lips that I would like to devour very slowly and softly as I melt into her skin. Much to my frustration, as we walk to the car, she walks ahead in front of me. She is swaying those hips, and god knows she is doing it on purpose. She has seen what effect she has on me, and this little vixen is getting pleasure from torturing me. And being the gentleman that I am, I politely open the car door for her. I watch as she lifts those gorgeous legs one by one into the car. But as she flips them, yes, does she flip those legs. She sees that I have noticed exactly what she intended. She smiles at me from underneath her fluttering eyelashes. I close the door and grind hard on my teeth, barely able to hide my very obvious frustration. As I slide into the driver's seat, I look at her and softly whisper to myself. "She is going to be a problem…"
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