Chapter 1 You Don’t Deserve to Be My Girlfriend!

"Qin Feng, I know you aren't rich. But I like you for who you are, I don't care about whether you are rich or not!" "Are you afraid I'll get into trouble if you keep refusing me? As long as you're here, I'm not afraid of anything! "Qin Feng, give me a chance to be your girlfriend, okay?" In the classroom of Donghai University medical school, Lin Qianru, a fair-skinned and beautiful student, stood in front of Qin Feng's seat with a flushed complexion. Both inside and outside the classroom, all the boys' hearts were shattered in an instant! They were all envious of Qin Feng. Lin Qianru was the only 9-point female in the class, as well as the beauty of the medical academy. But now she confessed to Qin Feng, who was dressed in shabby clothes and whose tuition fee depended on loans! The most hateful thing was that Qin Feng was still a useless piece of trash. He was a good-for-nothing who always failed every exam, lost to girls in physical education, and got his pay docked during work. Even so, Lin Qianru would display warmth and concern to him every day. She even personally cooked soup for him to drink. "Qin Feng, can you stop pretending to be asleep? I really like you." Lin Qianru's eyes were red. She pushed Qin Feng's arm pitifully. Many boys clenched their teeth as they watched the goddess of their dreams being brought to tears by a good-for-nothing. Qin Feng, who lay on the table, finally moved. He patted his head and opened his eyes. His eyes were dazzled by the light. He couldn't help but squint his eyes. When he saw the familiar yet strange people around him, Qin Feng's eyes immediately widened. "Is this the second year of college?" "I can't believe it... I returned to the past!" he thought." Qin Feng thought to himself.  Qin Feng stood up suddenly. His excitement didn't last long though. When he saw Lin Qianru in front of him, his eyes suddenly looked sharp like an unsheathed sword . He was overwhelmed with anger, hatred, and killing intent! In his previous life, this was precisely the moment that Qin Feng agreed to Lin Qianru's confession. He could not bear to see her embarrassed in front of everyone else. However, it was a trap that caused Qin Feng's downfall! The Qin family was originally a well-known medical family. During the first semester of Qin Feng's school term, the situation at home had significantly changed. Qin Feng's parents were both imprisoned. In order to save his parents, Qin Feng sold all of his family's wealth. In the end, not only did he fail to save his parents, he even became the black sheep of the family. The young master of an aristocratic family, who was once fawned over everyone, had fallen to the point of being bullied by others. Not until Lin Qianru transferred to this school and appeared before him. Her beauty and consideration warmed Qin Feng's heart. However, Lin Qianru merely faked her feelings for Qin Feng. She secretly joined forces with Qin Feng's cousin and managed to swindle away the Qin family's miraculous medicinal recipe. On the afternoon of the day when the recipe was taken away by Lin Qianru, there was news of her parents' sudden suicide in prison. Qin Feng knew very well that there was something strange about it. Moreover, it had a lot to do with the medicinal recipe! Grief-stricken, he went to the Lin family in spite of the thunderstorm. As a result, Lin Qianru ordered the Lin family to beat him up and throw him under a big tree. This vicious woman instructed someone to erect an iron pole beside Qin Feng and use lightning to strike Qin Feng to death. In the middle of the night, lightning descended from the sky and struck Qin Feng's chest! Fortunately, Qin Feng managed to block the lightning with the ancestral jade pendant on his chest. The jade pendant was shattered as a result of the impact, and a ray of spiritual light burst forth. In the blink of an eye, Qin Feng was spun into chaos. The streak of light directly entered his mind. Qin Feng, who was in a coma, saw two books. They were "Bian Que's Internal Canon" and "Bian Que's External Canon". This was the medical masterpiece of the divine doctor, Bian Que, which had been lost for a long time! That divine doctor, Bian Que, whose surname was Qin, was none other than Qin Feng's ancestor! The "Bian Que's External Canon" recorded all kinds of unique medical skills, herbs, and exquisite physical skills. Qin Feng learned it all by reading it once. Just as Qin Feng tried to study "Bian Que's Inner Canon", he felt his body change and heard someone call him. When he opened his eyes, he realized he had returned to the moment when Lin Qianru confessed her love to him in public. He also returned to the starting point before his downfall! With the protection of his ancestors, he could reverse time and space to learn the lost medical and martial arts of his ancestors! He subconsciously touched the jade pendant on his chest. It was still there, although there were cracks on it! He felt the familiar hatred all around him, and the contempt in their eyes. A storm surged within Qin Feng's heart. He decided to take revenge for all the pain and bullying he had suffered in his previous life! "Qin Feng, what's wrong with you?" Lin Qianru tugged at Qin Feng's clothes. She was mildly frightened by Qin Feng's gaze. The sharpness in Qin Feng's eyes subsided, and he returned to his usual demeanour. He asked with a smile. "It's fine. What were you saying? I didn't hear you clearly." Lin Qianru was stunned. It was too embarrassing to confess to a good-for-nothing in public twice! However, as she thought of the Qin Family's medicinal recipe, she endured it. "I said... I like you. Can I be your girlfriend?" Lin Qianru lowered her head shyly. The boys around him felt as if their heart had been pierced with a knife! The goddess they admired had confessed to the good-for-nothing twice! Those jealous eyes can't wait to cut Qin Feng into pieces. "No." Qin Feng lowered his head. Lin Qianru was stunned, her eyes wide open. There was a dead silence inside and outside the classroom. "Is this good-for-nothing crazy? How could he refuse the beauty in public?" "Why! Qin Feng, I will not dislike you despite your lack of money, poor academic performance, and poor health. As long as you are by my side..." Lin Qianru was anxious. "It's not for those reasons!" Qin Feng interrupted Lin Qianru and let out a long sigh. "Then why?" Lin Qianru pleaded as she tried to get tears out of her eyes. "Because you are not qualified to be my girlfriend!" Qin Feng suddenly raised his head. His eyes were like those of a black dragon coming out of the ocean, towering in the sky!
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