Chapter 1: Rebirth Emperor

Jiangnan City; Jiangnan Hospital – Interns' dormitory. Midnight. A young man suddenly sat up from a sound sleep and looked around. "Am I... on Earth? Wasn't I taking a Heavenly Test? Why am I here? Could it be that I came back?" The man was named Tang Long, also known as Emperor Green Wood, one of the five emperors in the Divine World. He died of being struck by Thunder of Nine Heavens when taking the Heavenly test, and nothing of him was left. To his surprise, he was reborn on Earth. Before he was brought to the Divine World by Yimu Zhenren for the nature of his body was wood , he was an unsuccessful worker on the earth. During the last five hundred years, he had managed to become one of the five emperors in the Divine World. Despite this, he’d still missed Earth and wanted to come back, but he couldn’t find a way. Tang Long closed his eyes, and, a moment later, he understood what had happened. Under the strikes of the Thunder of Nine Heavens, a part of his spirit had broken through the void and made it to the Earth, where it merged into this body. However, as Emperor Green Wood, his spirit was so strong that, even broken part, it was a hundred times more powerful than that of a human being, and his spirit had merged with this new body, taking complete control. After a moment of quiet concentration, he found he also had all the body’s memories. Tang Long could not help but sigh over this twist of fate. The odds of his survival had been low, but he’d come out alive. What happened had happened, and he could only send a silent apology to the original owner of this flesh and move forward with his life. The previous occupant was Qin Haodong, an orphan adopted by a traditional Chinese doctor who was a senior student of the Jiangnan University School of Medicine and worked as an intern in the hospital. Being brought up by a traditional Chinese doctor, his biggest wishes were to find his biological parents and carry traditional Chinese medicine forward. "Carry traditional Chinese medicine forward? Easy!" Tang Long was the Divine World’s best expert of medicine, and the Eternal-Life-Obtaining Green Wood he practiced had been enhanced during his curing people. However, finding Qin Haodong's biological parents would be a long course, which would totally rely on an opportunity. From this moment on, the Emperor Green Wood, Tang Long, would start a new life as Qin Haodong. Tang Long's spirit had traveled here through the void, so, he had no idea which year it was now. He picked up the cell phone on his bed and checked the time. It showed July 2nd, 74 Huaxia Calendar. When he was brought to the Divine World by Yimu Zhenren, it was January 1st, 70 Huaxia Calendar – barely five years ago. Since he had lost all his divinity and treasures, he had to start from zero and take his time to practice. Qin Haodong sat down on his bed with his legs crossed, starting to practice Eternal-Life-Obtaining Green Wood. After a long while, he let out a mouthful of turbid air, and his eyes sparkled. He thought, "There is too little Spiritual Qi on Earth. Based on my current spirit, I could only elevate to the middle stage of the Qi-refining Realm and barely finish establishing my foundation." Qin Haodong shook his head. He had no other choice but to be patient. His phone rang. He checked the call and saw it was the chief doctor, Ma Guoqiang. Ma Guoqiang was notorious in the hospital for his greed and lechery. Yesterday, he tried to make a pass at a female intern and was interrupted by Qin Haodong. He knew there was nothing good about this call. Despite this, Qin Haodong answered the phone. Ma Guoqiang's hoarse voice immediately came to him. "Little Qin, the Emergency Department is short-handed tonight. We need you to work overtime." Qin Haodong replied, "Doctor Ma, I just have worked for two days. It's time for me to have a rest." "As a young man, it's no big deal for you to have more work. You have to deserve the internship we offer to you. I'll give you good remarks on your report," Ma Guoqiang said, then hung up. Qin Haodong knew the man was trying to make trouble for him, especially by mentioning his report. He couldn’t afford to disobey Ma Guoqiang on his first day in this body. He got up, changed his clothes, and went to the emergency room. After hanging up the phone, a grim smile appeared on Ma Guoqiang fat face. He’d had his eye on that female intern for some time, and it had been really hard for him to find the right moment to make a move. He had to take the chance to teach this reckless intern a lesson about who he should avoid pissing off in Jiangnan Hospital. Qin Haodong was busy as soon as he arrived in the Emergency Department, which always had the most patients in the hospital. Ma Guoqiang made things even more difficult for him on purpose by leaving everything to him; he even had to do a nurse's work. Seeing that Qin Haodong was up to his ears in work, Ma Guoqiang, he walked to Qin Haodong, and said with a malicious smile, "Never forget that you're an intern here. You're not experienced and don't have good skills, so it's fair for you to do the menial tasks." Qin Haodong glanced at him indifferently. In fact, these tasks were nothing difficult for him, and he just treated them as practice. "So, Doctor Ma, your skills are pretty good, right?" "Of course! I became a chief doctor when I was barely forty, and I'm highly respected in this hospital. Even our director thinks highly of me. What did I rely on to earn all those? My good skills." On hearing those words, the nurse standing beside Ma Guoqiang stifled a laugh because everyone in the hospital knew that Ma Guoqiang was better at flattering people than healing them. He had only become a chief doctor because of his teacher, Zhang Tianhe. Zhang Tianhe was a leading medical expert in Jiangnan City, highly skilled and well-connected. Even the director of the Jiangnan Hospital, Wen Changjiang, had to show due respect for him. "Open your eyes, boy. You must know whom you can never offend in this hospital – don't displease them. If you keep me happy, I'll guide you with my skills." Just as Ma Guoqiang was making his speech, a middle-aged couple walked in. The woman was hunchbacked with her hands covered on her belly. She looked pale and had an expression of pain on her face. Her steps were halting and unsteady as her husband helped her forward. "Doctor, help! My wife has a bad stomachache," the middle-aged man said anxiously. "Don't worry. With me here, she'll be fine," Ma Guoqiang answered confidently, looking like an illustrious doctor. "When did it start?" The man answered, "Not long ago. Her stomach suddenly started aching when we were eating." Ma Guoqiang asked them some more questions and wrote down a prescription while ordering the nurse, "She has acute gastroenteritis, prepare to get her an infusion." "Doctor, please hurry! My wife is dying of pain!" "Take this to get your medicine. Gastroenteritis can be easily cured. She'll feel better after getting an infusion." Ma Guoqiang handed the prescription to the man as he talked. They were about to leave when Qin Haodong said, "Wait!" "Doctor, is there anything else?" the man asked in astonishment. "Stay here, your wife doesn't have gastroenteritis." Everyone changed their expression after hearing Qin Haodong's words. Ma Guoqiang's face darkened visibly. "Qin Haodong, do you have any idea what you are talking about?" "Of course!" Qin Haodong smirked and continued, "I'm saying that the highly respected Doctor Ma of the Jiangnan Hospital, to whom even the director has to show due respect, misdiagnosed. Your patient is not suffering gastroenteritis." "Misdiagnosed? Bullshit!” Ma Guoqiang shouted. “The symptoms show that she has acute gastroenteritis. How could I misdiagnose it?" Qin Haodong continued, "Your wife is having a heart attack, not gastroenteritis." Qin Haodong, don't forget that you're just an intern." Ma Guoqiang then turned to the man. "Don't believe what he said. He is an intern and hasn't obtained a medical qualification yet. I'm a chief doctor of this hospital, and your wife has acute gastroenteritis." As he spoke, the woman fell to the ground, her face looking even paler. She started twitching slightly and was foaming at the mouth. Ma Guoqiang was wordless. He could tell that the woman was, indeed, having a heart attack. Her husband, panic-stricken, looked at Ma Guoqiang with a worried expression. "Doctor, what should I do?" Ma Guoqiang was in a panic as well. If the woman died of a heart attack because of his misdiagnosis, he would be responsible for it. "She is having a heart attack. Transfer her to cardiology!" "It's too late." Qin Haodong took out a bag from his pocket as he spoke, revealing hundreds of silver needles. With lighting speed, he inserted a dozen needles into the acupoint on the woman's chest. He always carried silver needles with him. "Qin Haodong, what are you doing?" Ma Guoqiang asked and was about to stop him. Then he saw that the woman's symptoms were relieved after getting Qin Haodong's treatment. Her face was a little red, but her breathing was steadying. "This ... " Ma Guoqiang, the middle-aged man and the two nurses were dumbfounded to see this. None of them had thought that the young Qin Haodong had such an amazing medical skill. Though the woman's heart attack was sudden, it was not serious. She was in normal physical condition again after Qin Haodong helped open her blood vessels. Putting back the needles, Qin Haodong took the prescription from the husband and wrote down another prescription. "Your wife's heart attack may cause some future issues. These medications should prevent anything else from happening. Make sure she takes them for the next two weeks."
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