Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 100 The Child is her Achilles Heel

Chapter 100 The Child is her Achilles Heel

Irene's words made Steven lose his appetite. He brought an ATM card to Irene's room and said, "Irene, this is for you. The pin is your birthday." Irene took the card without hesitance. "Remember to tell me if you need help. I will try everything in my power to help you," Steven added. Irene was skeptical. Nonetheless, she replied to him with a smile, "Thank you, Mr. Cook!" Steven noticed her indifferent attitude. He left dejected and met with Deborah. Deborah handed him another ATM card and said, "Steven, Irene must be having it really hard right now. I have some savings here. Give it to her for me." Deborah's gesture of kindness made Steven speechless. "Forget it, leave all the money you have for LIly. I will find a way to help Irene," Steven responded and went into the study. Deborah wasn't sincere; she was just trying to gain some points for herself. It was great that Steven didn't take the money. After Steven left, she then took the card to Lily's

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