Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 102 Cocktail Party

Chapter 102 Cocktail Party

The Hayes Group in San Fetillo was regarded as a high-standing company. Their 10th Anniversary Appreciation Cocktail Party was definitely held in a grand manner. Edric, who would definitely be invited to the party, would not miss it. The venue was Shangri-La Hotel, which belonged to the White family. As long as he greeted Nathan, things would fall into place. This time, Jordan wanted to let Edric know how powerful he was. At the same time, Edric received the Hayes Group's invitation to attend the appreciation party. However, he was reluctant to attend it as Jordan would definitely be present at that party. When he thought about Jordan and Irene attending the party together, he felt upset. John was not aware that Edric was upset and asked him softly, "Mr. Myers, do you want me to inform Miss Cook?" Edric did not want to show up with Lily at all, but it was not justifiable to not bring her along to such a big occasion. After all, they were engaged. He sighed h

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