Chapter 110 Fool

Britney went to the hospital the next day to visit Irene. Irene's ankle had started to recover after treatment. Nathan was there too, holding Eden. The three of them were playing games happily, and the ward was filled with laughter. Looking at their happy faces, Britney stood at the door and looked at them as she was overwhelmed with mixed emotions. If she hadn't stopped Irene and Nathan in the past, they would have gotten together, and their children would have already been attending kindergarten at least! The three of them stopped playing when they saw Britney. "Grandma, you're here!" Nathan greeted her. Britney walked in and smiled at Irene, asking, "How do you feel?" "I feel much better after getting treatment. I don't think there's any need for me to stay in the hospital anymore," Irene replied. "That won't do. You'd better listen to the doctor's instructions and stay in the hospital for a few more days for observation," Nathan interrupted.

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