Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 139 A Fresh Start

Chapter 139 A Fresh Start

At daybreak, Edric opened his eyes after a deep sleep. Looking at Irene who was still sleeping beside him, he anxiously hugged her and planted a kiss on her forehead. "Irene, I'm sorry!" The previous night, he knew how crazy he had been, but he couldn't control it. In the car, he was still trying his best to keep it together with sheer willpower. But the moment he returned home and saw Irene, he lost all his control. He had to have her right there and then. He fiercely made love to her once on the couch. That managed to somewhat calm down the heat inside him a little. He held Irene in his arms and asked for forgiveness. Regardless of her punches and kicks, he took her back to the bedroom. He wanted to give her a bath, but within minutes, his desire started burning inside him again. Hence, he ended up making love to her again. He heard Irene begging for mercy, but he could not stop himself. Irene's body was full of marks from the day before. Edric reached out

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