Chapter 144 Painting

Although Edric was surprised at Rowane's resignation to study abroad, he did not stop her. He readily agreed to Rowane's resignation and ordered the finance department to pay her more than a few months' salaries. When he returned to the Chandelle Valley in the evening, Irene was on a phone call with Eden. Eden said that he missed her and asked her when she would visit him. Irene answered him that she would visit him in a few days' time. Seeing Edric come back, Irene hung up the phone hurriedly. Edric went forward and pulled her to sit on the sofa, saying, "Irene, Mr. Cook has met me today." "Why did he want to meet you?" Irene asked. Her intuition told her that there was nothing good going on that Steven went to meet Edric. "Mr. Cook gave me this," Edric answered as he opened the paintings that Steven had just given him and showed them to Irene. Irene opened the painting, took a glance at it, and then put it down. She didn't know much about paintings,

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