Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 204 She Has To Give Birth

Chapter 204 She Has To Give Birth

Edric was determined to let Lily give birth to the babies. He told Irene all of this because he was afraid that she would misunderstood his attitude towards Lily. He had to gain Lily, Deborah and the others' trust and make them believe that he would change his mind towards Lily's children. Not long after Lily got home from the hospital after the surgery, Edric ordered John to prepare gifts to send to the Cook family. Lily was lying on the bed and talking to Deborah about Edric's words in the hospital that day. After hearing that Edric had accompanied her to the check up and asked Lily to do the amniocentesis, Deborah had a bad feeling in her heart. Edric's attitude towards Lily had changed a lot. When Lily first got pregnant, Edric had stood his ground and said that he would kill Lily's children. Would he take this opportunity to get rid of them this time? Deborah called and told Marie her worries. She planned to send Lily to Marie to have a check-up. Marie was als

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