Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 24 I Will Kill You Later

Chapter 24 I Will Kill You Later

The next morning, both Irene and Jordan went to the company with a bruise on their faces. They looked at each other and broke out in laughter. The atmosphere in the office was much better than before. Jordan took Irene to the nearest restaurant for lunch. It was a place that focused on Cantonese cuisine. Irene muttered to herself, "Jordan doesn't like Cantonese cuisine, does he? What's wrong with him today?" Before the two sat down, a voice rang out, "I was searching everywhere for you!" Irene took a look and saw Randy, along with his two men, were staring at her and Jordan. Although Jordan had just arrived in San Fetillo, he had already known San Fetillo very well and recognized Randy at a glance. He sneered and said, "You missed the second half of that saying. And yet here we are!" "Teach this kid a lesson first!" Randy ordered his two bodyguards.  The two men rushed over. They thought it would be an easy fight, yet surprisingly, they were vanquishe

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