Chapter 31 This is what happens when you go against me

Margaret never expected Irene to visit a luxurious restaurant like this, so she couldn't help but give her an extra look. Irene had practically nothing to her name when she left Edric Myers back then. She even took back the wedding ring that she had given to Edric, and it wasn't long before the ring turned up in a pawn shop. One could easily imagine how downtrodden she was to go after the mere few hundred dollars that the ring could fetch.  Margaret was previously involved in a car accident with Irene and had seen how shabby, and old-fashioned Irene's clothes were. She could tell that Irene was obviously having a rough time and had looked upon her with great disdain.  "Weren't you so arrogant back then? Did you finally learn how tough the world could be after leaving the Myers Family?" In Margaret's mind, Irene was now the embodiment of destitution, and thus, so she was rather taken aback by Irene's current appearance. Irene seemed completely different from

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