Chapter 34 Gone Too Far

Jordan's grandfather soon heard about his son going on a blind date show to pursue a divorced single mother. He called Jordan from abroad, "Kid, haven't you gone too far recently?" "You even care about this kind of thing now? Don't you have too much free time?" Jordan retorted. "Don't dip your pen in the company ink. You need to remember that!" Jordan's grandfather snorted. "That's only because their ink is not good enough!" Jordan refuted. "So this is for real?" The old man detected the undertone of Jordan's reply. "I'm warning you. My bottom line is that I might be able to accept a woman you love who doesn't have a similar background. But I won't even open a discussion with you if she is a divorced single mother!" "What if the child is mine?" Jordan said casually. "The child is yours?" Jordan's grandfather was stunned. His grandson was an infamous womanizer who might actually be the child's father. "If it was rea

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