Chapter 4 Cruel Man

Many people were startled by the commotion and glanced over. The security guards, too, rushed over. As this was a party for members of the upper class, the security guards were unusually snobbish. Irene, who was dressed in ordinary clothes, was naturally taken for a waitress. Thus, without even getting their facts right, the guards immediately shoved her out of the hall. As Freya's eyes were burning from the chili gravy, she was quickly sent to the hospital. After Edric heard of the news, he rushed over only to see Lily with a clear palm print on her face and her expensive evening gown stained with soup. Surprised by the awkward state that she was in, he asked, "What happened?" Lily was actually afraid that Edric would come to know that Irene had appeared at the party. However, she knew that she couldn't hide the truth from him now that things have reached this state. Thus she cried and complained, "Edric, I saw Miss Nelson. She's working as a waitress here. For some reason, she deliberately spilt juice on me and Freya when she saw us. Freya couldn't put up with it and scolded her, so she suddenly went berserk and dumped food onto Freya. She even slapped me..." Edric was stunned and quickly scanned the surroundings, but did not spot Irene anywhere. Lily then forced out some tears and continued, "My clothes were soiled and I got slapped by her. But Freya's eyes were stung by the chili gravy that Nelson dumped on her. Miss Nelson had planned to aim for me, but Freya took the blow for me." Edric's expression was unreadable as he stared at her pitiful face. He then patted Lily, who was wiping her tears away, and asked coldly, "Where is she?" "She was taken away by the security guards!" "Let's go and have a look!" After Edric said this, he supported Lily, who was in a mess, out of the hall. Irene was taken to the room next to the hall by the security guards. They were scolding her and calling the police. Irene lowered her head as she remained seated on the sofa. Her body was dripping wet from the wine, and she finally calmed down after she was brought here. She should have put up with them earlier on, but instead she lost control of herself and stirred up a fuss like this. Jordan certainly wouldn't let her off the hook. He was a rich playboy with a foul temper and was especially fierce towards her. Nathan White had forced Jordan to accept Irene as his Personal Assistant. Thus, Jordan had always disliked her and made things difficult for her. Now that she created a scene, she felt certain that he would fire her. Just when she was fraught with anxiety, the door was pushed open and a gust of cold air blew over. Irene looked up and stared right into a pair of dark, unreadable eyes. Heartbroken, Irene had left the city ever since Edric asked his lawyer to force her to sign the divorce agreement three years ago. Throughout the past three years, she had never thought that she would bump into Edric again, for she had planned to avoid him for the rest of her life. Yet on her first day back in San Fetillo, they crossed paths again in such a way.  She was in a complete state of mess while he was high above her and looking at her disdainfully as though he was a king while his arms remained wrapped around Lily's waist. Irene wondered if he had come to chastise her for what she had done. Suppressing the rolling emotions in her heart, Irene looked away indifferently. As she had made up her mind to treat him like a complete stranger if they were to cross paths again, there was nothing to be upset about, was there? Edric's pupils constricted when he saw Irene looking away with cold indifference. After he helped Lily into the room, he ordered icily, "Apologize!" One couldn't help but tremble when they heard him. However, Irene merely pursed her lips and remained silent. "He wants me to apologize to his mistress? Besides, he's demanding for my apology when I've done nothing wrong. There's no way that I would do this." Edric's expression turned darker and darker when he noticed that she had no intention of speaking up. "Irene Nelson, didn't you hear me? Apologize," he ordered. "Apologize? Why should I? Mr. Myers, do you think you're a King who could order me around?" Irene smiled contemptuously. "It doesn't matter whether I'm a king or not. What matters is the fact that you deliberately assaulted others. Freya has already been sent to the hospital. You should know the consequences!" He was obviously threatening her, and Irene knew that he wasn't doing it for Freya, but for Lily. Without the slightest intention to apologize, Irene smiled and replied, "Mr. Myers, you're so powerful that you could do anything that you want, so I'll be waiting to see what you could do. As for the apology, you'll get it in your next life!" Edric felt strangely stifled and uncomfortable when he saw how indifferent Irene was when she retorted him in an icy tone of voice. "Irene, since you're so stubborn, then don't blame me for being merciless," Edric replied and glanced at her coldly before he turned to instruct the security guards, "Have you called the police?" "Yes!" The security guard answered respectfully. "Then we'll let the police settle this impartially! We'll see how tough you could be once you're in the police station!"