Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 97 Not A Good Person

Chapter 97 Not A Good Person

The name Dave shifted Thomas' expression slightly, but Irene didn't notice it. Since Jordan had said that Dave was hiding in San Fetillo and Thomas had been living in San Fetillo for quite some time, Irene reckoned that perhaps Thomas had heard of Dave before. "By the way, Uncle Thomas, in all your years in San Fetillo, have you ever heard of a person named Dave Walker?" "Nope!" Thomas replied. "Ah, I'm not thinking straight. If Dave is hiding in San Fetillo, there is no way he would reveal his real name," Irene mocked herself. "Irene, why are you guys looking for this Dave guy?" Thomas questioned. Irene told Thomas about the stadium design. "If we can get Dave to design it, then the chances of the Golden Age Group winning will be high. If we can't find him, it will likely end with a tie with the Myers Group." Thomas seemed to consider her statement carefully. "Irene, heaven helps the worthy. Perhaps you'll find Dave." "I know you're trying to

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