"I love you Anna" Jason said and Anna felt her heart thudding in her chest. "What did you say?" She asked just wanting to be sure she heard him correctly. He chuckled, revealing a dazzling smile, he reached out his hand to swipe away a strand of his blonde hair that was covering his eyes "I said I love you." "Oh my God, oh my heavens, Jason I love you too, all my life, more than you can ever imagine!" She screamed and watched him smile and then he lowered his head to hers and Anna cursed while she was so short when standing beside him. She is average in height but always appears short beside this elegantly tall brother of hers. His lips covered hers and she drowned in how soft it tasted, her hands wrapped around his neck as she stood on tip toe in order to feel him closer. His hands reached under her blouse and caressed her tits, she let out a soft moan and suddenly they were inside her room. He pressed her back to the door and tightened his body on hers before carrying her to the bed. They both fell on the bed and he pulled her blouse over her head, he smiled at her and his lips went to her neck to plant wet kisses, her body trembled at his touch and she helped him pull off his sweater shirt. Her hands caressed his muscular chest, really muscular chest, she means really, really, muscular chest. He let out a soft moan before helping her to unhook her bra. He pull it out of her hands and stared hungrily at her tits, he lowered his mouth to it and covered the nipples which derived a sweet passionate moan from her. Suddenly he stopped and looked at her with a smile. "Anna" he called and she looked at him and licked her lips. "Anna" he called again looking at her. "What Jason, I'm right here" she smiled. "Anna" he called again and this time she frowned. "What is it, I'm looking at you, why are you calling my name?" "Oh Anna" Jason called again with a smile before reaching out his hand to pinch her cheek and at this she opened her eyes as her hand reached to caressed her cheek, it was supposed to be a dream but why does it really hurt? She thought. She blinked to clear her blurry eyes so that she can glare at the intruder but what she saw was the same sweet smiling face from her dreams and she melted. "Wake up sleepy head, or we gonna be late for school" Jason chuckled as he stood up from her bed with her staring dreamily at him. Well that was it, that is how her dreams always look like, with her dreaming of kissing his sweet lips and making love with him. She lay on the bed still looking at him when he turned while standing beside the door. "Get up or I'm gonna call mom" he laughed and left the room. Anna sighed as she got her lazy ass off the bed, she stood at the mirror and stared at herself only realizing that her nipples were standing, she covered it immediately and thanked her stars she had been covered with her blanket, if not, what would her brother had done if he had noticed it or knew she was just having a sweet sex with him in her dreams? Her hands reached up and covered her face immediately "how many times I'm I going to tell you? He is your brother, he is your brother!" She shouted at herself at the mirror before letting out a low groan and walking into the bathroom to have a cold shower. It's not going to help anyway, since she would still be seeing him again at breakfast and they will ride in the same car to their school and she will still see him during break period and they will still ride in the same car back home and have dinner on the same dinning table before saying goodnight only to meet the sweet and passionate side of him in her dreams. She groaned again and turned on the shower "just why me?" She asked no one.
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