The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1000 How Did It Die?

Chapter 1000 How Did It Die?

Nicole glanced at Floyd. Floyd frowned, then his face eased up with a sigh. “Lil N is right. I’m upset at him, but he wasn’t the one who raised that child. It mustn’t have been easy for him to put his ego aside to come here. Forget it… But that is that, and this is this. That woman dared to scheme against us. I won’t just let the matter drop!” Floyd looked at his daughter and reminded her. He had an old friendship with Camron, but there was no such thing with that woman. Nicole nodded. She did not plan to let Ava off just like that either. Ava wanted to pick a fight, right? Then a fight was what she would get! Before long, the butler came back. “The guest has left. He looked much better than when he first came, but it still wasn’t that good. He also asked what Ms. Stanton likes.” Nicole raised her brows. The direction Camron was looking at was quite accurate. If Nicole did not relent, the Stanton family would definitely not relent either. Floyd scoffed coldly and stood up,

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