The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1004 Delete the Video

Chapter 1004 Delete the Video

There was nothing to struggle with here. No matter how unwilling Ava was, she could only wait outside. Nicole watched the surrounding employees coming and going, doing their jobs in an orderly way. The working environment was spacious and harmonious, and the large-scale company looked lively and vivid in Nicole’s hands. When Ava was in Cyndro International, she had relied on her beauty to painstakingly climb to the position of a supervisor. She only gained a firm foothold after meeting Asher and hooking up with him. It had been so hard for Ava, but Nicole easily ruined everything. Later, Ava lost her job, and no company wanted her. When she went to beg Asher, his favor was to introduce her to the President of Golden Sea Corporation as a mistress. Ava was not willing to go back to her past life when she thought about it again. ...... When Nicole returned to the office, Logan had already served black tea to Old Master Dudley, who drank it in satisfaction. “I’m really sorry you h

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