Chapter 1016 Is It True?

Clayton’s features carried a hint of dark coldness, and his eyes were full of rage. He seemed like a completely different person. Clayton stepped forward and looked at Floyd. His eyes were cold as he asked, “Who said that?” “I’m asking you if it’s true or not!” Floyd repeated himself. Clayton clenched his teeth. The veins on his face were bulging, and his fists were clenched tightly. “Yes, but please tell me, who said that?” Clayton had a vague answer in his heart. The blood in his body surged, and it felt like the anger was about to gush out. A chill suddenly arose in Nicole’s heart. Clayton’s anger and hatred were obvious. It was vaguely related to his mysterious background, but his background was an untouchable existence. Those existences would make a person crazy. Floyd sneered. “I won’t hide it from you. It was your uncle, Isaac Sloan. He left not long ago. He specially came here just to tell me this!” When Clayton heard the name “Isaac Sloan”, his eyebrows shook fierce

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