Chapter 1020 I Know

Nicole raised her eyebrows and said nothing. That went without saying. Did Isaac want to gain something from giving nothing? He was not worth it. Isaac understood Nicole’s attitude and nodded. A long time passed. Isaac crossed his arms above his knees, moving wantonly. “I know that Clayton has been pursuing you. Did you agree to date him?” Isaac suddenly asked. Nicole frowned. “Why do you ask?” “Curiosity. You’re beautiful and generous, and I’ve already heard about you before I came to Mediania. Clayton is very good at putting on airs, so I’m very curious if you took the bait.” Isaac looked very interested. Nicole lowered her eyes and smiled. “Mr. Sloan, I have many boyfriends. Nine out of ten of them are actors.” There were tons of men who had been in rumors with Nicole. Nicole remembered Clayton saying that they could not let Isaac know about their relationship. She looked at Isaac vaguely and smiled meaningfully. Isaac immediately put on an expression as if he unders

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