Chapter 1023 Charity

Nicole shuddered slightly. It did not sound like Clayton’s voice. In that case, it was Isaac’s scream. Nicole suddenly relaxed. In the presidential suite. Isaac was flat on the ground as Clayton crouched above him with one hand around Isaac’s collar to hold him in position. Clayton’s other hand fiercely swung down on Isaac’s face. In a few moments, Isaac’s face was covered in blood and was bruised and swollen. Isaac could not even say a complete sentence. The blood in his mouth was shocking. When it looked like Isaac was at his last breath, Clayton finally stopped with a cold gaze. Clayton squatted to the side, looking at Isaac from high above. His eyes were dark. “Where did you take my son?” Clayton’s voice was hoarse like a demon coming from hell. The man on the ground was silent as if he was already dead. However, Clayton knew that Isaac was not dead. He had been deliberate when hitting Isaac to make sure that it did not hurt his vitals. A strange laugh emerged from Is

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