Chapter 1026 Bind Her

Nicole unknowingly fell asleep. Clayton smiled, closed the door, and went around to the driver’s seat. “I’ll send you back to rest. There’s no progress with Lil Michael for now, but we’ll find out soon.” Nicole answered under her breath and did not say another word. She had to go back to wash up and change her clothes. They arrived at the apartment before long. She got into the elevator, entered the door, and went straight to the bathroom to wash up in a daze. Nicole did not notice that Clayton had been following behind her. When she was inside the bath, she suddenly remembered that Eric had been present. If Eric had something to do with this matter... Nicole froze and planned to hurry up and ask. Suddenly, she heard the sound of someone walking inside the living room. Her face changed. Clayton’s voice came from outside. “Nicole, can you hear me?” Nicole was stunned. ‘Clayton? He hasn’t left yet?’ “Yeah.” She responded. “Although there are some things I want to forget,

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