The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1036 Make Him Disappear

Chapter 1036 Make Him Disappear

In the study. Clayton patiently waited for Floyd to change his clothes and stood there humbly. Floyd looked at him and sat on the sofa. “Sit.” Clayton thought about it before taking a seat. He repeated to Floyd what he told Nicole. This time, Clayton felt as if his heart was not as heavy when he talked about it. When he spoke, it was like he was talking about someone else. It turned out that pain could really be alleviated and eliminated. Clayton finished speaking and looked at Floyd quietly. The room got colder. It was different from facing Nicole. Floyd’s compassion and forbearance were special cases when facing his family. In fact, Floyd was a very serious person when he was facing outsiders, just like now. Clayton did not even dare to breathe heavily. As time passed, Clayton’s heart grew even more apprehensive, and he could not help but become a little nervous. It was silent and repressed like he was waiting for a verdict. After a while, Floyd spoke. His voice was v

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