Chapter 1038 Piss Him Off

Nicole knew what he meant. She sat down and smiled. “I think that Eric only introduced my dad to Isaac. He probably doesn’t know about Lil Michael’s kidnapping.” Clayton raised his brows. “Why do you say that?” “Because there’s no benefit for him, and he seldom does things that aren’t self-serving. Taking Lil Michael away won’t give him any benefits and will even tarnish his reputation and affect his company’s stock price instead. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have told me that location the day after Michael’s incident.” Clayton’s eyes were deep as his lips curled. “It seems that I have to thank Mr. Ferguson then.” “That’s not necessary. You found out by yourself even if he didn’t say anything. Besides, he became Isaac’s accomplice, so he’s just trying to save himself. There’s no need to thank him.” Nicole spoke calmly. Clayton suddenly smiled. His eyes were clear and bright. “Mr. Ferguson purposely told you because he wanted you to thank him, but this is what you think instead. Are

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