The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1040 Hurry Up and Break Up

Chapter 1040 Hurry Up and Break Up

Lil Michael was miserable. He sat there, crying and wiping his tears. He tried to act pitiful so that Clayton would give in to him. “Daddy, you’re already so old. Just find another lady. I promise that I won’t bully her, so give Pretty Lady back to me!” Even Lil Michael knew what thoughts the women had when they fluttered around Clayton. Thus, he came up with all kinds of tricks to get rid of them. Now that Lil Michael thought about it, he regretted it. Clayton saw through his motive at a glance and laughed. “She’s just coaxing you and playing with you. Why did you take it so seriously? I don’t like other ladies. I only like her! You don't have to think of ways to get my inheritance anymore. In the future, all my money will be hers to spend!” Lil Michael’s cries got even louder and sadder. He was in despair. Clayton very calmly finished the meal in front of his crying son. Lil Michael did not seem to have any intention to stop even after Clayton finished cleaning up, so Clayt

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