The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1048 Apologize to Her

Chapter 1048 Apologize to Her

After thanking the doctor, Nicole and Yvette followed. The intensive care unit only allowed one visitor at a time. Of course, Kai did not hesitate to get changed and went into the ICU ward. The police were very efficient. They only took one night to investigate. In the early hours of the next day, the latest investigation results were released. They very carefully explained the situation with the timeline from the beginning of Roman and Julie’s relationship. Roman drugged Julie and secretly photographed her naked. Then, Roman cheated on her and became a drug addict. That was why Julie proposed a breakup. Roman had no money, so Julie lent him some. When Julie learned that Roman used the money to buy more drugs, she refused to lend him money again. After Roman repeatedly failed to ask for money, he got the idea to post Julie’s nudes. Thus, he made up a lie and uploaded the photos. His purpose was just to get money. The police’s statement was very official without the slightest

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