The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1051 If You Will Marry Me

Chapter 1051 If You Will Marry Me

There was nothing wrong with being kind or soft-hearted, so who was at fault here? Julie could not figure it out when she was in her study, like she had reached a dead end. Even though her innocence was proven, she could never face anyone again with those photos exposed. “K…” Julie choked up and reached out to cover her eyes, blocking the light. Tears flowed out along her fingers. The crystal droplets were blinding. Kai stood up, leaned over to place his arm under her pillow, and bowed his head. He leaned over her shoulder and hugged her gently. Kai patted her other hand. His voice was gentle and husky. “It’s all in the past. Just think of it as a dream. It’s okay. It’s all over now.” Julie cried for a long time. Her voice was getting louder by the minute, which almost made the doctor come in. She needed to vent, but Kai did not dare to let her cry any longer. He coaxed her gently as he was still worried that crying so much would affect her head trauma. Gradually, Julie’s

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