Chapter 1053 Mushy Person

Kai did not want to leave at all. He did not care about the crew’s efforts. For him, his mission was complete as soon as he finished filming. The rest of the publicity activities like the premiere and so on were just too troublesome. However, since Julie and Nicole said so, Kai could not find a reason to refuse. After a few seconds of hesitation, he stood up. Kai looked at Nicole and instructed her seriously. “Take good care of her. Don’t leave her side, not even one step away!” Nicole nodded solemnly. “Don’t worry!” Kai reached out to hold Julie’s hand before he left reluctantly. Once he left, Yvette could not help but cover her face. “OMG! Since when did Kai become such a mushy person? I’m jealous!” Nicole laughed and looked up at her. “My third brother has always been like that. It’s just that he was used to being held up in the past and usually wouldn’t show it. He’s actually very clingy, right Jules?” The two people looked at Julie meaningfully. Julie blushed as she

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