The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1073 False Compliments

Chapter 1073 False Compliments

Quavon sighed and shook his head with a look of disappointment toward Clayton. “When I die, you’ll naturally have your share in the Sloan family. You don’t have to be so afraid that your second uncle Isaac will threaten you.” “Mr. Sloan, don’t be blinded by hatred. In Mediania, you can’t treat human life as a child’s play!” “Right. After all, he’s your father and has raised you, so you should be grateful.” “Others can’t take away what’s yours, so why do you have to be so greedy?” ...... The surrounding people saw this and naturally related the whole thing to the family infighting and covered up the truth. The bit that was exposed was not true. Quavon’s words of accusation humiliated Clayton. In a short period of time, the good image that Clayton accumulated was ruined. Nicole really could not stand it anymore. She stepped forward and laughed with a clear and cold voice. “If I remember correctly, at the beginning of my cooperation with Clayton, I investigated the source of h

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