The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1089 Teach Them a Lesson

Chapter 1089 Teach Them a Lesson

Nicole paused and nodded. “Yes, it was him.” After all, only Clayton mentioned that speculation before. Unexpectedly, the Stanton family found out this secret as well. Her heart felt like it was being weighed down by a boulder. Nicole was not that happy. She only found it ridiculous. The Sloan family was such a powerful family, and they had many close political and business relations on the surface. They looked spick and shiny, but in reality, they were so dirty and nasty. It was no wonder Quavon was so worried about Isaac’s disappearance! Kai said, “They went from brothers to being father and son? Isn’t that relationship too messy? His father won’t pop out of his grave to hit them, right?” Julie quietly tugged Kai’s shirt. “That’s not the point. With this fact, there’s finally a reason as to why the Sloan family rejects Clayton so much.” Isaac was afraid that there would be another person to compete with him for the family fortune. Isaac knew about this long ago. Kai nodd

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