The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1091 A Warm, Sunny, but Silly Man

Chapter 1091 A Warm, Sunny, but Silly Man

“No!” Julie immediately denied. She mumbled in a small voice, “I’m just a little unused to it.” Julie was used to being an independent woman and facing all those difficulties alone. Now that there was suddenly someone standing in front of her to shield and protect her, she was naturally not used to it. Kai not only solved a lot of problems for her, but he was also sweet and mushy to her all day. However, she was unable to resist this kind of life. Julie was immersed in it and could not extricate herself. “Then take your time and get used to it. My third brother has always been clingy. He always puts on a lofty and cold persona, but as you know, he’s actually a warm and sunny tease.” Only the people closest to Kai could see this side of him. Julie hesitated for a few seconds before a smile gradually appeared on her face. What was there to worry about when she had love at her fingertips? “You’re right. I’ll just take it slow.” Nicole smiled. She was naturally happy as well wh

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