The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1094 Stripped Naked

Chapter 1094 Stripped Naked

The President of Golden Sea Corporation was confused. “Ava is eating here too? Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Hayley snorted coldly. “Let’s go have lunch with her...” The man looked at her, gratified. “You finally accepted her. We’ll be a family soon, so it’s good to get along with each other...” He spoke as they walked along. He was very surprised when he saw Nicole, but before he could greet her, he was dragged away by Hayley. They sidled forward and went to the semi-concealed room in the corridor. Hayley pushed open the half-lowered bamboo shades, and two shrill women’s cries suddenly rang out one after the other. “Ah—” “Ah—” The former was Hayley. The latter was Ava. The man behind Hayley saw the situation inside and stiffened. His face flushed uglily as he pushed his daughter away and rushed in. “You b*tch! How dare you cheat on me?!” In an instant, all kinds of screams, fighting, and sounds of items shattering sounded inside... Then, Isaac crawled out with dishevel

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