The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1107 Whose Black Card?

Chapter 1107 Whose Black Card?

Yvette smiled. “Sean supported breaking off the marriage. He also wanted to marry me, but I refused. What benefits would I get to marry him besides whitewashing the fact that he had an affair? I’m not that stupid. We’re all just playing around. We’ll be together if we see fit and break up if we’re unsuitable anymore. What’s the point of so much entanglement?” Nicole took a deep breath. She saw that Yvette’s expression was not very happy. Forget it. Yvette made up her mind, so she would not listen to anything that anyone else said. She pulled Yvette’s hand. “Forget it, stop thinking about it. Don’t hold back today. I’ll pay for anything you like!” Yvette blinked. “Seriously?” “Of course. Have you seen a stingy rich woman before? Pick whatever you want!” Nicole patted her chest and assured Yvette. It was not like she could not afford it anyway. What was important was that Yvette was happy! Yvette pulled her excitedly. “Then I won’t hold back!” Then, she rushed into a luxury store

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