Chapter 110 Outcast

Outside the bathroom stall, Quinn and Ingrid Ferguson were shaken. “You… How did you get in here?” Ingrid spoke in surprise and thought, ‘Wasn’t Nicole kicked out of Stanton Corporation?’ Quinn was also slightly stunned, but quickly covered it up and smiled calmly. “She’s probably here to die. Nicole, you should know when to stop. Not every rich family will accept trash… Let alone secondhand trash…” Ingrid felt emboldened. “Yeah, are you here to make trouble? Too bad, no one will help you anymore. The Stanton family doesn’t want you, so your backer is gone…” Nicole lowered her head and smiled, then cast a sidelong glance at them and walked out without saying a word. Ingrid was blocking the doorway and did not intend to give way to Nicole. Thus, Nicole just shoved Ingrid to the side when she passed her by. Ingrid was caught off guard as her body slanted to the side and hit the wall. She was in pain and was just about to curse at Nicole when she suddenly saw Nicole’s cold dark e

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