The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1110 Throwing Caution to the Wind

Chapter 1110 Throwing Caution to the Wind

Camron looked at Ava with grave eyes. “You should apologize. If you did something wrong, you should bear it yourself.” There was silence for a few seconds. Nicole faintly looked at the wine on the table, rippling under the overhead light. The reflected light was extremely bright and beautiful. Everyone’s eyes were on Ava, looking at how uncomfortable she was. Ava was very slick and smooth in the past. She naturally knew that right now, the best thing to do was to apologize and say some pleasant words. That way, this matter would come to pass. Although it was very humiliating, compared to dignity, it was more important to be able to stay in this circle. Now, Ava started to struggle. After the people in the circle knew that Ava had offended Nicole, they no longer wanted to be associated with her. Ava did not want to go out and work for others, and her family business did not accept her. It was hardest to stay in a position that was neither here nor there. However, at that mome

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