The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1112 Take the Money and Leave

Chapter 1112 Take the Money and Leave

Camron’s son did not even want to maintain the most basic relationship with Ava. In any case, for a family like theirs, it was better the fewer children there were. His relationship with his sister was not bad. They had found a balance in the distribution of Camron’s property. He was in charge of the company, and his sister held the shares. Liquid and non-liquid assets were also shared equally. If Ava was added to the equation, it would harm their interests. Thus, they did not welcome Ava’s arrival. There was no affection nor any merit, and Ava had a huge pile of scandalous material. It was obvious that she was here for the money. If the Dudley family was poor, would Ava still want to be acknowledged by them? Ava panicked. Camron’s son clearly did not want to put on a play of brotherly and sisterly love. “Dad, the facts are right in front of you. Don’t push the whole family into the fire for the sake of one person. Since Ava offended the Stanton family, everyone in the busine

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