Chapter 1117 Report You

Keith said, “Nicole, I’m Keith. Can you come over? Ferg drank too much. He’s insisting on driving to you. His driver already left, and we can’t drive after drinking, so could you come over and persuade him...?” Keith’s voice sounded very anxious. Nicole’s sleepiness suddenly disappeared. She stood there with a sullen face and rolled her eyes speechlessly. Logan heard the conversation clearly and looked at Nicole’s expression. Nicole paused and took a deep breath. “Give me the address. Wait there.” Keith’s voice raised in excitement. “Sure. I’m at...” Nicole gave a very calm “mm” and hung up the phone. Logan felt that he could not leave. He immediately took the keys and stood up. “I’ll drive and send Mr. Ferguson back, Ms. Stanton...” Nicole paused and put down her phone. “No need.” Then, she dialed another number. “Hello, 911? I’d like to report someone for attempted drunk driving...” Logan was speechless and mourned a million times for Eric in his heart. Keith hung up t

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