The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1120 Not Many Chances

Chapter 1120 Not Many Chances

Kai was shocked before he instantly walked over with glowing eyes. “I knew that you liked me the most, Ms. Graham. The best gift is saved for last!” Nicole rolled her eyes. Kai cheerfully opened it in front of everyone. When he saw what was inside, he paused slightly. He was puzzled and bewildered. It was a script. Felicia pursed her lips. “I won’t beat around the bush. These years, you’ve taken to the entertainment industry like a duck to water. Mr. Superstar, I don’t know if you still care about theater, but there’s a new play in the rehearsal stage now, and they’re short of a small role. I couldn’t find anyone suitable no matter how I tried. If you want to go, I can open the back door for you, but whether or not you can get the role will depend on your ability. Of course, if you look down on theater, you can just forget about it.” As soon as Felicia spoke, Kai immediately nodded. “I wanna go! I even dream of going.” Kai knew how much effort Felicia put into him. When he fir

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