Chapter 1123 Eavesdrop

Although Nicole did not have the same enthusiasm and appreciation for Fabian as she did before, she did not deliberately limit his resources. Dominic defined his development plan clearly. He would not give up on a cash cow like Fabian just because of his dark history. They would not take away his resources. Fabian’s tender face carried a hint of confusion. “But the company is putting all their efforts on Harvey now. My manager just changed, and no one is caring about me. Many of my activities were canceled at the last minute as well...” Nicole frowned. Her expression changed slightly. “How can that be?” She had never heard of this. However, judging by Fabian’s anxious look, he did not seem like he was lying. She took a deep breath and immediately took out her phone to call Dominic. Dominic picked up after a few rings. “How may I help you, Ms. Stanton?” Nicole looked at Fabian, moved her gaze away, and put the call on speaker. “What are you doing?” “What could I be doing?

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