The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1133 If It’s You, Then Forget It

Chapter 1133 If It’s You, Then Forget It

Nicole tidied up and changed into a long light-colored knitted dress, paired with a white coat. The casual everyday style made her look youthful. She finished packing and went over to the address. It was a highly secretive clubhouse owned by a trust fund kid in the circle. It was a gathering place for many of those born with a silver spoon. Nicole heard that Ian often came to this place. It was divided into two areas. The first half was a quiet water-feature area, and the back was the rest area. To put it bluntly, it specifically catered to those who needed space but did not want to be found. Nicole did not want to come over before. Nathaniel was really good at finding places. She speechlessly pressed the elevator upstairs and found the room. Pushing the door in, the raucous music inside was deafening, and there was even a band performing live. Nathaniel danced excitedly on the stage, and everyone gathered around and watched. When Nicole entered, some people were shocked. The

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