The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1137 She’s Pregnant

Chapter 1137 She’s Pregnant

Livia stood there in a warm coat and boots. She looked a little haggard, but she also seemed to have put on some weight. “It’s been a long time.” Nicole smiled and walked over as if nothing was wrong. The corners of Livia’s lips curled slightly as well, but her smile was pale and feeble. “Ms. Stanton, I hope I didn’t disturb you.” Nicole nodded. “Of course not. You can contact me anytime. But are you sure you’re here for me and not Nathaniel?” Livia shook her head. A dim light flashed in her eyes. Nicole’s heart thudded. She subconsciously felt that something might have happened between the two of them. Livia took out a document from the bag she carried with her at all times and handed it over. “I’m too embarrassed to go to Stanton Corporation to find you. I found out from the others that you’d be here today, so I came here to give this to you.” Nicole took it, opened it, and froze. It was a company dissolution agreement. Nicole frowned and her expression changed slightly.

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