The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1147 More Tactful Than Her

Chapter 1147 More Tactful Than Her

At that moment, Nicole was a little stunned. Nicole said a few words to the person on the phone and hung up, then hurriedly walked over and looked at Clayton. “Did I wake you up?” Clayton smiled. “No. Your food smells so good that it woke me up from my sleep…” He swept a glance at the dining table and was a little shocked. It was surprisingly sumptuous. Clayton thought that Nicole would just make a simple meal and did not expect her to put in so much effort. At once, a warm current rushed through his chest and swept away all of his exhaustion. Nicole pulled him to the table, sat him down, and gave him a bowl of soup. “Try it!” Clayton smiled and took a sip. He unconsciously looked serious and gave her a thumbs up. “It’s delicious!” Nicole smiled smugly. “That’s for sure.” “Who were you calling just now? You were laughing so happily.” Clayton asked casually. Nicole replied, “Julie. Remember that I told you some time ago that there were a few actresses in the crew who were s

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