The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1152 Women Can’t Be Spoiled

Chapter 1152 Women Can’t Be Spoiled

Ferguson Corporation. Eric’s office was extremely cold. During this period, Eric’s mood began to return to the state before the divorce. He was exuding a kind of strong chill that came from the bones. The entire company worked carefully. Even Mitchell inevitably became Eric’s punching bag a few times. Eric sat there in the shadows as he was shrouded in a dense chill. The radiant Keith Ludwig was sitting opposite Eric. Their expressions were simply worlds apart. Toto was extremely reluctant to feed the fish in Eric’s office. The two fish worth several hundreds of thousands each were overfed by Toto and died. Fortunately, Eric did not find out. Toto pricked up his ears to eavesdrop. Keith laughed in a shrill voice. “Ferg, you just have to bite the bullet and be ruthless. Women can’t be spoiled. Look, Livia’s back to my side now, isn’t she?” Eric sat there with clear and cold eyes. He lifted his eyelids and looked indifferent. If Keith had not come over to share his joy of vic

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