Chapter 1154 Having Fun

When Hayley saw Nicole, she was as excited as a fan seeing her idol. Hayley forgot about everything else. Nicole did not even understand where Hayley’s enthusiasm was coming from. “It is quite a coincidence. I have an appointment with someone, so I can’t stay and chat with you. See you later!” Nicole was just about to leave when Hayley hurriedly stopped her. “With your friends? Is it convenient if we sit together? My friends really like you and they’re eager to meet you!” The corners of Nicole’s lips faintly stiffened. ‘Oh no, I don’t want a group of underage kids to watch how I get drunk! That scene is just too creepy to think about…’ Just as Nicole was about to refuse, Hayley looked behind her and greeted her friends. “Hey, I saw Nicole! I told you that we’re good friends. She even invited us to her private room to party!” Nicole raised her eyebrows. ‘When did I invite them? I don’t recall anything like that!’ Five or six teenagers that were about Hayley’s age and dressed i

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