The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1158 No Need to Be Off-Site

Chapter 1158 No Need to Be Off-Site

Clayton looked down at his watch. His bodyguard was probably waiting outside by now. He had a gentle smile as he laughed. “Everyone, the honor brought by this project belongs to each and every one of the researchers, not to me. This is an advancement that belongs to all of humanity and isn’t my personal pot of gold. Although I grew up in Liberty, I’m still Medianian. I’ve also specially sent my son for schooling in Mediania. I’m sure that everyone will be proud of our breakthrough…” Clayton smiled flawlessly without a trace of impatience. Although these words did not explicitly favor one side, one could read between the lines that Clayton loved Mediania. The reporters also let out a sigh of relief. The situation did not seem so intense anymore. At this time, Clayton’s bodyguards rushed over and quickly opened up a path for Clayton, blocking out the reporters. Clayton took the opportunity to leave quickly. This was the end of the live broadcast. Nicole’s gaze was calm, and her

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