The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1165 Don’t Shoot Then

Chapter 1165 Don’t Shoot Then

Nicole’s voice was not loud nor too soft. She did not deliberately suppress her voice either. Many people around heard what Nicole said. Everyone felt extremely satisfied. Viola Magazine had used its position in the circle to segregate artists into different categories, and the word had spread in the industry. It was just that their sales and feedback have always been very good and popular with fans. After each shoot, there was bound to be a wave of publicity for the artist involved in the shoot, and the artist would get more benefits from it. Therefore, many artists wanted to be on their cover even if they had to fight for it. They would never leave easily even if they had to listen to the editor-in-chief and the photographer’s directions in a lowly manner. As such, their arrogance was fueled. Nicole’s words unveiled that fig leaf and were like a hard slap on their faces, crisp and loud. It was mockery without the slightest care, which was satisfying to hear. When the photogr

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