The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1168 Clueless Girlfriend

Chapter 1168 Clueless Girlfriend

Julie coughed violently. After she caught her breath, she sighed. “Lil N, can you be serious for once? Your family fortune will be squandered by you sooner or later!” Nicole blinked blankly. “That’s not gonna happen…” Julie said, “Right…” Anyway, if Nicole made up her mind to buy VJ Magazine, the entire Stanton family would fully support her. “But can you not be so impulsive? Although I have limited ability, I suggest that you approach someone else. He’ll certainly help you.” Julie spoke mysteriously. Nicole said, “Tell me…” “Clayton, of course! He’s such a good connection and you’re not using it? Isn’t that a waste?” Julie said rightfully. Nicole did not understand. “What does Clayton have to do with this magazine? He’s not even in the entertainment industry!” Julie choked. “Why don’t you know anything about your boyfriend?” Nicole was speechless. Julie sighed and took a few sips of water to stabilize her emotions before she explained. “VJ Magazine isn’t just a fashion

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