Chapter 1170 So Easy

A voice came from the phone, “Are you insane?!” Clayton calmly waited for Sully to finish. Just as he was about to speak, Nicole’s phone rang. Surprisingly, it was Kai. Nicole smiled and thought that Dominic must have told Kai about it. Since Kai called, he must have a way. At that thought, Nicole pointed to her phone, looked at Clayton, then went to the balcony to answer the call. “Third Brother…” Her delicate and soft voice rang out, which stunned Kai a little. “I heard that you wanna acquire VJ Magazine?” Kai got straight to the point. Nicole replied, “Mhmm… Let’s buy it and arrange for our own people to be on it so that we don’t have to care about other parties just to shoot a cover!” Kai paused. “You have a point, I support you!” ...... Clayton watched as Nicole answered the phone. She looked like she was in high spirits. Her facial features were expressive as the light enveloped her and created a faint halo around her. She was extremely beautiful. He could not help b

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